A Source of Energy. Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism.

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Full text issues

Download full text in PDF Download. Energy Procedia Volume , June , Pages Author links open overlay panel Phd Adolf Sotoca a. Under a Creative Commons license. Abstract Energy efficiency has found its place at the very core of the discussion in Architecture and Urban Planning. Sustainable Construction and Urbanism.

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The green infrastructure challenge started by Europe In June , the European Commission adopted a strategy to foster the use of green infrastructures, acknowledging the serious consequences that the damage currently caused to the ecosystems may have on the health and economy of European citizens. Official Price Base for Galicia and the Basque Country Its development in the Standard Database Exchange Format FIBDC , readable by all budgeting and market measurement programs, makes it a necessary work tool to prepare construction budgets and an essential reference source.

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Situated in the heart of the city where large corporate organizations conduct their businesses, the Petronas Twin Towers are known locally as Rocket Twin Towers and Jagung Kembar meaning Twin Corns.

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The towers stand at 88 storeys high and have made big impressions on the city's skyline since their existence about two decades ago. The two towers are connected by a double storey Skybridge on the 41st and 42nd floors. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia, with many luxury shops, boutiques and food courts.

The Central Market building was built in and started off as a wet market. It has been renovated and is now a heritage site and landmark in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Kasturi Walk is the lane next to Central Market, this place is also known as Chinatown. There are many stalls in the area selling a variety of handicrafts, artworks, clothings, shoes, accessories, Malaysian batiks, souvenirs and food stalls. This impressive Buddhist and Toaist temple was built by the Hainanese community in Malaysia and opened in The design of the temple has a combination of modern and traditional styles with multi-levelled of function halls.

Royal Selangor is the world's largest maker of pewter. Visitors and collectors of pewter can find precious pewter items, gifts, drinkwares, tablewares, ornaments and souvenirs at Royal Selangor which is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and designs in pewter. The School of Hard Knocks workshop at the centre teaches visitors to make their own souvenir plate using traditional tools.

Springer Nature aims to advance discovery by publishing robust and insightful science, supporting the development of new areas of research and making ideas and knowledge accessible around the world. Offering interdisciplinary coverage, the series presents innovative approaches and highlights how they can best support both the economic and sustainable development for the welfare of all societies. In particular, the series includes conceptual and empirical contributions from different interrelated fields of science, technology, and innovation that focus on providing practical solutions to ensure food, water, and energy security.

It also presents new case studies offering concrete examples of how to resolve sustainable urbanization and environmental issues. The series is addressed to professionals in research and teaching, consultancies and industry, and government and international organizations. Publishing your paper with a reputable and renowned publisher is necessary to maintain the high quality standards of the scientific process along with retaining your copyright.

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Future cities and environmental sustainability

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Sustainable architecture

Login To register, Upload your abstract or full paper. Conference Topics. Energy Efficient Urban Areas 4. Resilient Architecture 6. Water Management as part of the built environment 7. Design for Change: The Resilient City 8. Maintenance of the city 9. Building Resilient Environments Renewable Energy Sources Sustainability and Resilience in the new world Architectural and Urban Challenges Sustainable Economy and Well-being Adaptive Landscapes: Risk, Ecology, and Education Resilient Infrastructure Green Initiatives and sustainable urbanism Meeting the demands of the city Adaptation and resilience in Natural disasters Risk management and Mitigation All other topics related to the scope and real Case studies.

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