Choose Your Own Outcome! (Collection)

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  1. These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books
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  3. The Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books Worth Reading
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Ikke i Norge? In How to Get What You Want…Without Having to Ask , best-selling author Richard Templar brings his inimitable blend of originality, imagination, wisdom, and straight talk to the challenges of negotiation, persuasion, and influence. Templar offers up clever, simple, pain-free ways to get people to happily say "yes" to you!

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  • South Korea: Kwan and the Silkworm (The World of Make-believe Stories Book 11);
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He offers practical principles and strategies covering a wide range of situations, both at work and beyond. You'll learn how to get what you want without saying a word… and, for those rare occasions when you have to ask, you'll find the techniques and words that'll get the job done. Every solution gets its own "bite-size" two-page spread, making this book incredibly easy to read--and use. John P. The 10X Rule. Grant Cardone. Jack Welch. Abundance Now.

These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books

Lisa Nichols. Double Your Profits. Bob Fifer. The Servant Leader. James A. Corporate Confidential. Cynthia Shapiro.

Winning: The Answers. Three Steps to Yes.

If you decide to see more, click on this story.

Gene Bedell. Harrison Monarth. Robert L. What Exceptional Leaders Know. Tracy Spears. Alan Siegel. Brian Sher. Harriet Diamond. Simple Sabotage. Robert M. Gary B. Good for You, Great for Me. Lawrence Susskind. Alan Perlman. Love Your Job. Kerry E. Managing Your Career. Fifty Lessons. Aha Moments in Brand Management. Larry Checco. The Boss's Survival Guide, 2E. Bob Rosner. Persuasion Equation. Mark Rodgers. Trust or Consequences. Manager's Guide to Employee Engagement. Scott Carbonara. What's Stopping Me from Getting Ahead? Robert Goldfarb.

Michael McGaulley. Micah Merrick.

The Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books Worth Reading

Joanna Barsh. The Inspiration Code. Kristi Hedges.

Way of the Wolf. Jordan Belfort.

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The Power of Negotiation. Dell Wright. Make More Money. Brian Tracy. Negotiation Skills in 7 simple steps. Clare Dignall. Power Negotiating for Salespeople. Roger Dawson. The introductory guide to candlestick trading and to the most effective strategies of Technical Analysis.

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Stefano Calicchio. Lean Startups for Social Change. Michel Gelobter. Dave Lakhani. Henry Hutcheson. From No to No Problem! Kevin Foo. When Buyers Say No. Tom Hopkins. Jeff Weiss. Aligning the Stars. Jay W. You'll have to use all your resources and talents. Be courageous! And good luck. Will finding them help world peace? Or could it kill you?

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You have to help find him. Your search could bring you back in time to the mysterious Mayan civilization, or into a modern revolution. The wrong choice could turn you into a human sacrifice on a bloody altar.