Long-Distance Marriage (Harlequin Comics)

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Free The Husband Project harlequin free 1. After seeing her two best friends at her public relations agency get married, Alison feels that something is missing in her single life.

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Her bitter experiences in the past mean she is disinterested in relationships or marriage, but she agrees to be a bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding. At the engagement party, Natasha meets The two fall in love instantly, and they marry after only 5 days. She only knows him as Francesco, but he The charismatic Cameron always manages to charm anyone he meets, but when he first meets Alessandra, she treats him coldly.

Cameron is fascinated by this "cool lady," and asks her to marry him!

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But Alessandra doesn't know There are no customer reviews yet. About reviews.

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Long-Distance Marriage - Manga - BOOK☆WALKER

Select other language Korean version Japanese version Chinese Simplified version Upgrade to membership period Upgrade to membership period Read no viewer available. Overview Alessandra works at an advertisement agency in London, and is married to Cameron Calder, a well-known CEO of a large enterprise. The charismatic Cameron always manages to charm anyone he meets, but when he first meets Alessandra, she treats him coldly.

Cameron is fascinated by this "cool lady," and asks her to marry him! But Alessandra doesn't know Product Details.

Harlequin/ SB Creative Corp.

Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Fortenegro is a tiny island country in the Aegis Sea. Ionanthe's elder sister married the Ionanthe's elder sister married the kingdom's Crown Prince Max, but continually cheated on him, and ultimately died in an accident with a lover. According to the kingdom's laws, Ionanthe must View Product. Donna, who finally was able Donna, who finally was able to open up her dream tea room, celebrated at the restaurant owned by her former lover and benefactor, Marcus. She wanted to get rid of Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride: Harlequin comics.