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Actually, it's more like a curse. It's hard to be a year-old girl but it's harder to be a frog. Flies taste like sausage.

They hate to be called fairies. Call them Small Persons With Wings. Better adjectives to use might be pesky, vindictive, and vain. This is exactly what Mellie discovers when she and her family inherit a fairy infestation from her deceased grandfather. It seems to have gotten worse in recent years, and I'm glad that more people are being made aware of it.

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Every child should be able to feel safe. This sounds like a full of heart and fun read. That whole learning to stick up for yourself thing is so pertinent for my family right now. It's hard stuff! If there is a character out there who can "show" my youngest how to find her voice and stick up for herself around other girls, we need that book. : Small Persons With Wings () : Ellen Booraem : Books

Sometimes it's another medium, and not just mom, that opens their eyes to the how and why. I've so been looking forward to this interview! And it's great! Ellen: They just did a big thing on bullying at Child 4's elementary school. And guess what?

Small Persons with Wings (Hardcover)

The kids were told not to show emotion. I cannot believe you built that house. Looking forward to reading this book! David, I loved the bit about Ellen building her house too. I was as well. It helps to have Ellen and others share their experiences and give advice to the next generation via literature and blogs. W2W, yes, blogging and writing fiction is a wonderful way to work things out. It helps both the writer and the reader. Carol, thank you!

Dramatizing it with fairies makes it fun. Rose, this book reads pretty easily but the occasional lines in French and Latin, the big vocabulary words as well as the length might make it challenging for a young child to read on her own. Mine did too in 6th and 7th grade, but matters improved dramatically when we made a complaint to the head of the school.

It also helped to have friends stick up for her.

Small Persons With Wings

The bullies in the end lost their popularity due to being so mean to a sweet girl like my daughter. She is having a good year in 8th grade. I agree that books are a great way for kids to find answers, beyond a lecture from a concerned mom. Good luck! Thanks for sharing and for hosting another book review club! All, these are wonderful, heart-felt comments; thank you for sharing your personal experience!

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I think I would have loved this book in later elementary school, and I have a fae-loving adult sister I think would love it now! Fortunately, she has a birthday coming up in a few weeks so this is perfect timing. As always, I enjoy your honest reviews. Gorgeous home, Ellen! Great interview, Sarah and Ellen.

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It sounds like middle grade and YA books these days are much more willing to tackle real world issues. Love the cover!

Sarahlynn, sounds like a good match for your sister. Happy birthday to her! Linda, thanks! Thanks again for the great interview questions, Sarah--and thanks to all the rest of you for commenting. And for the compliments on the house! I feel compelled to point out that my partner, a painter meaning artist who had worked as a carpenter, took a year off to build it.

I was employed full time, so I worked on it on weekends and vacations, not always deftly. Some of our windows still stick because I over-insulated them. Dear Sarah, I always find your interviews with novelists fascinating with glimpses into their lives,their writing techniques and the motivations behind their writing.

EB is another interesting subject and her fascination with all things fantastical is most intriguing. For my own part, I have always found Fairies rather sinister and was not even keen as a very small child of leaving a milk tooth under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy to visit and replace with a sixpence.

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I was happy to forego the money if I could go to sleep untroubled by a pending Fairy visit!! A rollicking adventure that swept me away with its clever banter, quirky humor, and fascinating characters. Mellie is my favorite type of heroine: gusty, determined, and snarky. This is a truly innovative take on fairies-- or, rather, Small Persons With Wings. Small Persons with Wings. Ellen Booraem. An irreverent take on fairies for fans of Savvy and Ella Enchanted! Mellie has been trying, unsuccessfully, to live down the day she told her kindergarten class she had a fairy living in her bedroom.

Years later, she is still teased.