The Lost Coin

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Jesus will leave heaven for the sake of the sinner. He is willing to be forsaken by His Father, take our sins upon himself, claiming them as His own, taking our place, and dying so that He may run to us and carry us home. When we run from God, He runs to us. Mankind originally ran away from God at a tree. God runs to us with another tree, the tree of the cross. We have a God who runs to us, not away from us. Our God runs straight into death for us.

He runs to us because in our sin, we have run and tried to hide from Him.

The Lost Coin

When our conscience is troubled by the Law, and we run from God, Christ runs after us with His gospel of forgiveness. Jesus doesn't abandon us in our sin; He draws closer. When I wander, love runs after me time and time again to bring me back. My shepherd knows my name. He knows my fear, my failure, my sin, and my doubt.

He comes to me when I've tried to hide myself from Him so that He may hide me in Himself. God's goodness and love go looking for sinners. Love went looking for sinners who had eaten from the tree which God had forbidden. He would reply "I underline sentences. In particular, he felt we could gain access to the divine mysteries through studying the symbolic imagery in mythology. When we have this connection, we say we feel inspired, a word that means having the spirit within. When soul is rediscovered, there is often a great surge of energy. People have gotten very enthusiastic lately about the inspiring qualities of mythic stories.

A long-lost coin has been found. The word enthusiasm also refers to being one with spirit or, more precisely, possessed by the divinities. The root of the word, theus, is related to theology. When soulfulness fills us with enthusiasm, sacred currents take hold.

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It makes sense that ancient stories, whether fables, myths, or folklore, really can open us to magical energies. Even though they seem simple, these stories are about eternal themes. It follows that meditating on large issues will enhance the sense of connection with things greater than ourselves. Seeing our lives as part of the dance of divine wisdom puts us into an experience of meaning.

The story of the woman who lost the coin reminds us that we can regain the sense of oneness with soul if we take the appropriate steps. First, we must endure the separation without collapsing into self-pity. Then, the situation may require lighting a lamp. This image may mean developing clarity of purpose. We will have to do much careful searching. The process may require sweeping away old accumulations of dusty ideas that hide the gleaming radiance of the lost beauty.

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In the end, when we reconnect with the treasure of the soul, joy abounds. One of the marvelous aspects of parables, fables, and fairytales is that they come to us very easily. We do not have to turn to classic novels to find stories that mirror familiar events. The stories are everywhere. The heroes of the television adventure face challenges much like those the knights of the round table confronted when seeking the Holy Grail. The characters on soap operas deal with family conflicts like those among the Greek divinities.

When we hear, read, or tell a story, we have a visual experience.

We are watching a movie in our minds as the tale unfolds. This is part of why television and film are so powerful. They match the inner process of a series of pictures moving through our minds. The images in the coin story tumble out -- from the face of the woman who has suffered the loss, to the lighting of the lamp and her earnest sweeping, to the festive conclusion.

The tale is a visual experience. Any one of these symbols is worthy of a close look. The lighting of the lamp, for example, can have many meanings.

Parable of the Lost Coin: Gospel of Luke Analysis & Explanation | SchoolWorkHelper

It can suggest an openness to the guidance of a transcendent presence, which is often represented by light or flame in mythology. Our hope is in the images. She turns her house upside down searching for this precious coin. And when she finds it, she is so happy she calls the neighbors to celebrate. You and I have experienced losses much more important to us than misplacing our car keys or searching for a lost coin. One of my most painful losses was the death of my parents. I was forced to face the finality of death, and I did not like the experience.

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I was mad at everyone and everything. My world radically changed, and yet everyone around me was going on as if nothing had happened. I felt as though I had a big hole right in the center of my heart and could not return to life as usual. I felt like the lost coin of this Gospel; lost under the couch, hurting and alone.

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However, people searched me out and comforted me. They called and stopped over with food to give me time to talk and cry. Slowly I began to heal. Soon I began to recognize the face of God in my friends who reached out to me. This experience following my parent's death awakened something new in me. For the first time, I knew intimately the pain of grieving and the comfort and peace it brought to have friends support me.

Their care taught me what it means to be compassionate. God has shaped me in new ways through this loss. Now I approach life with more compassion and tenderness to others. Life became more precious than before. Why is Jesus telling the parable of the lost coin, this intimate and tender story of a woman's loss?

The Parable of the Lost Coin - Explained [S02E26]

He is responding to the Pharisees who have accused him of welcoming sinners and eating with them. The Pharisees saw themselves as closer to God than others because they knew and practiced the law.